Governance Structure

Polytechnics Mauritius Limited (PML) believes that by having governance policies and practices, it will easily respond to the requirements of regulators and provide stakeholders with a good basis for collaboration.

The company upholds a high standard of ethics and integrity towards its Board of Directors and stakeholders, consistent with the company policies while adhering to the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and regulations.

Board of Directors

The PML Board comprises five members in addition to a Chairperson. The Board meets on a monthly basis to address the strategic issues of the

Board Composition

Chairperson - Professor Theeshan BAHORUN, PhD, G.O.S.K


  1. Mrs Lilowtee Rajmun Joosery
  2. Mr Chris Paddia
  3. Mr Dhiruj Ramluggun
  4. Mr Ricaud Auckbur



The PML Management Team is comprised of a Chief Executive Officer and four Managers namely Administrative and Human Resource Manager, Facilities Manager, Finance Manager and Students Affairs Manager.

Senior Management

  • Chief Executive Officer - Mr Yamal Matabudul
  • Finance Manager - Mrs Reena Sobha
  • Facilities Manager - Mr Beekram Kumar Heeramun

Pamplemousses Campus

  • Programme Leader Nursing - Mr Caramraz Halkhoree